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This is a direct marketing business


Have you defined exactly who your customers are?  If so, you need to become known to them. Where do they hang out? Can you post in forums they read? Can you write for publications they read? 

Since this is luxury goods, cachet is important? How can you get your product mentioned in places that create cachet for them?

Instead of trying to find customers, maybe concentrate on creating "buzz" and have them find you?

Publicada el 19/03/pm
March 19, 2013

Thank you.  I will try that.

Publicada el 20/03/pm
March 20, 2013

Reiterating Ray's point, you could use social media as a means to create the buzz. You could also use Google adwords to get your brand across if you already have a website. 

Publicada el 22/03/am
March 22, 2013