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I need help, I am afraid that I won’t find someone who has that sort of time and patience. I have struggled with business. Creating content takes up so much time. It’s difficult to get ideas from my head onto paper. When I do, I am so long winded and over share. Then I find it so hard to go over it and correct spellings etc I have always been spontaneous and I have literally forced myself to develop some structures in my life over the last few years I have been developing some skills but keeping records and budgets and finance skills doesn’t come easily to me. Client retention seems to be an issue too. I tend to give my heart in such away that I end up wounded. I have come to discover that I have had severe ADHD, Autism & mild dyslexia. I am not yet diagnosed. My client is like me. My ideal client being a Christian entrepreneur & creative artist with ADHD. The challenge is how to attract this client. How to be attractive to them. Putting out the content & copy that’s well written. I get stuck putting out what’s in my head.

Thank you for sharing your story. Would like to see how I can help. Please message me at Publicada Hace 1 semana
September 10, 2019
Thank you so much, Danilo Pena. Publicada Hace 1 semana
September 10, 2019
Dear Mr. Alex, I feel your pains empathically. Humanly, can I help you develop contents, and offer ideas to retain customers? If okay by you, you are free to reach me via my private consulting (RTS) Whatsapp line: +234 901 599 2500 or Regards, John Publicada Hace 1 semana
September 11, 2019
It's about disipline and creating a defined structure for everything you do, it's not just for those that have ADHD, no one functions optimally in chaos, you need to establish clear spreadsheets for even your ideas. What is concept or premise? what does this solve? obstacles needed to overcome? revenue projections, etc. Then break it down to a per task basis as opposed to 500 tasks that clearly is overwhelming you. Publicada Hace 1 semana
September 12, 2019
Thank you Camron, I appreciate your input and insight. I agree that Discipline and structure is so crucial. I like the way you have broken it down to apply to ideas. There’s plenty of those Publicada Hace 1 semana
September 13, 2019