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I have a multiple restaurants platform but am having issues with vendors signing up on the platform even though am creating awareness everyday. What must I do get vendors running to register?

You may need to better define your target market/audience and find out what messages they will resonate with. Feel free to chat with me at Publicada Hace 1 semana
September 10, 2019
Dear Chuks, You should have found a lock before you made the key. Talk to me via RTS on Whatsapp let's solve the problem together. +234 901 599 2500 or visit Publicada Hace 1 semana
September 11, 2019
Then A.) You're marketing to wrong audience. B.) It doesn't solve any pain points for the customer/they already have a solution that does what yours does. or C.) You clearly haven't communicated any pain point it solves for them or it's not a pain point at all even though you think it is. Publicada Hace 1 semana
September 12, 2019