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Hi Marilynn! You can also use the search feature to find Mentors in a certain industry/expertise that you can reach out to. There are many different industries that pertain to the one you mentioned that you could choose from! I hope that helps and let us know if you have any other questions or issues. MicroMentor Support Publicada el 12/08/pm
August 12, 2019
Hi Marilynn Walton, there are 3 things you need to do to help you open and manage a successful restaurant/bar business. The first thing you need is to learn and ask questions. Learn about the business and the best place to learn is from someone who is doing the same business and he/she is successful at it. That's the best guide you can get. My advice... 1) Learn from people who are doing the same business, become their friend, patronize them, spend most your time at their bar, by doing that you won't just be told but see for yourself how the business works. 2) Read about the business so that you can learn new techniques to make your bar better than that of your competitors. 3) Get a mentor that will motivate you. I hope you find this helpful, I wish you all the best. My name is Ajibola Rilwan, a Chartered IT Consultant and Website Developer with over 13 years of working experience and I wouldn't mind being your mentor if you find my advice helpful. Cheers! Publicada el 06/09/pm
September 6, 2019