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Have a nice day Shanice. We will love to help you but we need more information about what you have actually and what want to achieve. So feel free to let us a quote with further info. Best wishes Publicada el 15/08/am
August 15, 2019
Hello Shanice, Feel free to reach out to me at Sounds like an interesting idea/proposition. Publicada el 26/08/am
August 26, 2019
Good morning Shanice Jordan . . . I am Mr. Okocha Sabastine, a Business Development consultant (Start ups, Small Businesses and Enterprises) from Nigeria. Am always available for a chat here. You can reach me on phone on 07017097707, on WhatsApp 08112249182 and on Facebook on Atomic Resource Concepts - ARC Page, or Let's talk. I am interested in helping you create a well articulated Business Plan and also will be willing to offer you our unique Business Mentorship towards ensuring your business meets it's projected Successes in profitability, standardization and governing policies. I have carefully read your requirements. I understand the challenges as imprinted above. Please do let me know when ever you are available for a chat or call, else reach out to me on any of my link detail as provided above, preferable a phone call to start up the conversation will be fine. Thank you Publicada el 31/08/am
August 31, 2019
Hi Shanice Jordan, there are 3 things you need to do to help you start and manage a successful cafe/smoke lounge. I understand that you have the funding but you need to be wise so you don't lose your capital. Statistics show that 90% of entrepreneurs failed at their first business and loss their entire capital. I believe you won't lose your capital because you are on the right track, the first thing you need is to learn and ask questions. Learn about the business and the best place to learn is from someone who is doing the same business and he/she is successful at it. That's the best guide you can get. My advice... 1) Learn from people who are doing the same business, become their friend, patronize them, spend most your time at their lounge, by doing that you won't just be told but see for yourself how the business works. 2) Read about the business so that you can learn new techniques to make your lounge better than that of your competitors. 3) Get a mentor that will motivate you. I hope you find this helpful, I wish you all the best. My name is Ajibola Rilwan, a Chartered IT Consultant and Website Developer with over 13 years of working experience and I wouldn't mind being your mentor if you find my advice helpful. Cheers! Publicada el 06/09/pm
September 6, 2019
In this type of business location is everything, find someone local who has started this business, that can be very easy, go to an existing shisha bar and ask for the owner, buy him/her a drink, and s/he will start talking, if you get a good location, try and negotiate a good price, pay for 1 year, but before you pay work out all the costs that you will need including salaries. Make sure you can pay for at least 6 months. If your available funds can't last 6 months, then you are going to the casino with this money. Do a simple market survey, don't target your inner circle of friends and family, talk to strangers. Identify the items you will need, and make an inventory, price margins etc, it's a tough business but not impossible, combine it with good food, and people will start flocking it, research on good designs that can make the place attractive and eye catching, it should be on a busy street not in some dump. If it's close to a University, even better, good luck, once it's started don't forget to invite us. Publicada el 08/09/am
September 8, 2019
Hi Shanice Jordan, Appreciate your thought of idea. But to the concern where and which location it suits is the must. We have a business style which gives us every day around 70000 Rand / Day with your similar cafe business. Cos your concept can be fine tuned based on your inputs. Do leave me a mail to Best Wishes !!!! Deepak.N Publicada el 19/09/am
September 19, 2019
I am open to discuss your ideas and suggest new ideas for you to quickly finalize on which business to do, if not already decided ! Publicada el 23/10/pm
October 23, 2019