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Real estate marketing

Dear Janet, could you please describe what you did over the past 3 years? Currently you gave 0 information for us to mentor you on. Publicada el 05/08/am
August 5, 2019
Hi Janet Ojo-Olowoyeye, That's because you are not getting your marketing right, that's why you are not making sales. Learn more about marketing, especially digital marketing. It will help you a lot. Publicada Hace 2 semanas
September 7, 2019
selling a property is harder than 10 - 15 years ago, the field is crowded, the easiest route is to identify family members who are selling, 1 of the most important things is most people selling properties are over pricing themselves out of potential buyers, so even identifying properties to sell won't help much, the key is to identify distressed properties, for example if a bank is selling off a property, once you have identified these, then you can find buyers, since 99% the cost is lower than the market rate. But that's just the beginning of your problems, you might find a buyer and seller, and still fail to make a cent, since some people don't want to pay commission so you need to setup a simple agreement,since most people don't want a lot of paper work, this way you lock them in and can go to court if your commission is not paid. It's a tough market that requires lots of grit which you learn with experience, the best route would be to target real estate with high turnover, such as office space, property management, some agents sell 1-3 properties a year, but as pointed out earlier, if you need help, you better provide more details, the devil lies somewhere in there Publicada Hace 2 semanas
September 7, 2019
Dear Janet, I can feel your pain from the little expression you ve made in writing. Please don't feel discouraged if you truly have a passion for Estate management. I don't how much you ve trained your self in this area yet I would Educate you to engage a mentor that can drive you through the real estate business and business development. Better still you can engage them with separate MENTORS but please don't me discouraged on your business passion. You can engage me for further discussion on Mentorship and business development, thanks Publicada Hace 1 semana
September 8, 2019
I am so grateful for the responses this far my mentors. Reffering to MrLeo's question I did flyers, visited sites for inspection, displayed advert on social media and word of mouth. I agree with you Mr Rilwan, I would need to step up my game on digital marketing. The internet is flooded with people's availability especially on social media. But I seem not to reach people, I have very few friends and connections. I need to expand my circle through the right interactive platform. Thanks Mr Mugarura. I sure need the devil to get lost from my business. I need to reach more prospect and close deals in the shortest time. Thanks Mr Sabastine, I would link up with you soonest. I appreciate your response. Thanks to you all. Publicada Hace 1 semana
September 8, 2019
Dear Janet, In addition to the support offered by dear colleagues, I would like to offer you some helps. Would you join me at RTS let's get your problem solved? Whatsapp: +2349015992500 Would be expecting to hear from you. Regards Publicada Hace 1 semana
September 9, 2019