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I look beyond the spots on people faces each passing day and I hope to profer a solution that will reach out even to the minority as the case may be. I'm just filled with this passion of getting a solution to it, as the solution can lead to helping someone get his/her confidence back. But I really don't have an idea of what to do. I need your help.

First I would go to the following link which is our search feature. . There are a couple of different ways you can search for a mentor within our platform. If you'd like to find a mentor in a more specified geographical location you can go to the search page above, then you will go to Advanced Options, then put in [Country] and [specific area's state] and the filter will provide only local users. If you're wanting to find a mentor that is in a specified industry you can perform the same function above but instead of a location, you would search by industry. Some different industries that mentors are a part of on our platform that would be comparable to skincare would be 1. Beauty 2.Health and Wellness. I would try searching under Mentors and use the above fields, searching under "industries" and then reaching out to a mentor that interests you. Publicada el 12/07/pm
July 12, 2019