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Handcraft is my passion, and lately I have rediscovered painting. Since there is a high demand on my creations, I wanted to use this talent on getting started with an international online business. I need support in getting started, breaking down tasks and reporting to someone. I have a lot of theory knowledge about business in general, but would like to put it into practice. Who wants to be my mentor?

How much do your paintings sell for and there is high demand internationally as well? I'm happy to help just need to know what you're currently doing Publicada el 03/07/am
July 3, 2019
If you are ready to learn and to have much work to do, i could be a mentor for you. Publicada el 03/07/pm
July 3, 2019
Share More details on Challenges, Your Current Vision, Beliefs & Business plan to have exchange Publicada el 04/07/am
July 4, 2019
Hi Anais H. Vienna, Austria, IT's good sign in search of Mentor, get in touch with your Vision plan. we can take it forward with " STRATEGY" in Global Market. Thanks Venu,CEO Publicada el 05/07/am
July 5, 2019
Thank´ you all for your input. @venu, I sent you a private message directly. @Raakesh: Share More details on Challenges, Your Current Vision, Beliefs & Business plan to have exchange Challenges: - to be disciplined on working on the project on a regular basis (therefore the wish of a mentor to feel accountable) - to truly understand the nature of creating a business from scratch in Austria (e.g. law, taxes, insurance) - vision: to create an art company (e.g. online store) where I sell modern art + also customized art for clients (e.g. according to their demand, in harmony with their decoration & size). Some keywords: international, aesthetic, personalized art, luxury - beliefs: can you elaborate on this question? - business plan: in progress, to be exchange in more details such as in a call @rodrigo, yes please! @pascal: for now about 250-450€ per piece but considering going higher with the matching marketing strategy - internationally, haven't tested the market yet. This is only locally (Austria). Looking forward to your answer. Feel free to send me directly a private message for efficiency. Thank you all! Best regards, Anais Publicada el 12/07/am
July 12, 2019
Hey Anais, It's very Easy , I can Guide you to setup your website Regards Anand Publicada el 04/08/am
August 4, 2019
Hello Anais, Feel free to reach out to me at Sounds like an interesting idea/proposition. Publicada el 26/08/am
August 26, 2019
Hello Anais H, You've made a smart decision by bringing your business online since the world is fast becoming a digital playground. Having a high demand on your creations implies that your creations are creative and attractive so I can conclude that people will love to buy them when they finally get online. Also, you are detailed in your writing, beautiful, with an attracting smile, all of these qualities are sales advantage. People love to buy from someone they have feelings for, even if they don't need the product. I have done that on several occasions, buy an item I do not need just because the seller is so pleasant and I feel its necessary for me to contribute into his business. My name is Ajibola Rilwan, I am an IT Consultant and a Chartered Website Developer with over 13 years of working experience. I have been privileged to help businesses around the world build a profitable brand online. And that makes me an ideal mentor for you. You can chat me up, I'm open for conversation. I wish you all the best, Cheers! Publicada el 06/09/pm
September 6, 2019
I am happy to help. You can sell your work online, in my view you are better off selling your work alongside others. Setting up an online store will not directly translate into sales, its a tough market place, luckily for art, it's not yet crowded. Many artists believe in brick and mortar physical store, gallery and fear to go online, with good reasons. The good reasons are not what they think they are. They think, their work will be stolen which is not true. For the store to be successful you need a good strategy, since you are in the DACH region, the store should be multi lingual, I can't help on the legal side, however I am available to provide you free support and guidance, if you need it. I wrote a piece about online market places (needs some editing by the way) which you can find on this link - Publicada el 08/09/am
September 8, 2019