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I am trying to get started on my clothing business by selling mens formal wear suits and blazer, I have previously spoken to some vendors. I am looking for someone who is able to guide me the correct way and find more vendors or even better, start my own clothing line within my city.

Asad I'm currently helping some guys get a Golf clothing brand and I'm going to ask you the same question I asked them. If your brand is very similar to other brands then you're competing for market share. If you're not then you're in a good position. Do you think you'll have to compete or will you have a captive market? Publicada el 24/06/pm
June 24, 2019
Im not trying to compete against any of the other brands, Im just look for good quality slim fit styles, under my own brand or vendors, I would be mainly doing it within my city. Cater to prom, weddings, business wear etc. Publicada el 25/06/pm
June 25, 2019
make sure that there's demand for you product. This is when entrepreneurs have to engage the hustle mode. get one of your products and show your target demographic. When doing clothing be careful not to cut out too many customers by doing the slim fit. like in Texas you may also want to cater to heavier set people as well. Check those demographics. the more market share you open yourself up to the better so long as it doesn't increase cost enough to exceed the expected revenue you'd be receiving from making that change. Another common problem I find with slim fits too are that the t-shirts ride too short and when i tuck them they come out of my pants. Now there are shirt stays out there but no one really uses those anymore. Simply making the shift longer could target the people who are thinner around the waist with wider shoulders. Just some food for thought Publicada el 26/06/am
June 26, 2019
Asad, Great to meet a fellow Texan. Would love to chat more about your business, plan, and initial research. I think you may have some stiff competition, but like any consumer product, you can do well with a following and a solid brand. Let me know if you have any questions at Publicada el 30/06/am
June 30, 2019