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We have the platform ready but we need help from people in the field to recommend my service so that I can get started with my business. Right from recruitment, psychometric tests we will be able to conduct online assessments based on the requirements of the institution or company.

Hello Rajesh, no one will help you in the field of your service unless they know about you. Although your question doesn't describe the actual problems I can guess you have to go to the market and find the right audience for your service. Define your platform to them in simple language which will address the pain points of their business and offer solutions. Publicada el 20/06/am
June 20, 2019
If you are ready to launch your product, I would try testing it with users first. Find what works, what doesn't work and iterate. Then you can refine the product, build a customer base and start a strategy for scaling. Feel free to reach out! Publicada el 10/07/pm
July 10, 2019