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Need your valuable suggestions and guidance.

Kishor, I am sure you have many skills to offer people in your area, and healthcare is a great place to start. I would first ask you: What is your mission and vision for your company? and Who is your customer? Feel free to contact me and we can set up a time to chat about your business further! Publicada el 16/06/am
June 16, 2019
Hi Kishor, In order to start online consultation, you need to have clear mission, vision & purpose. We are in time, where healthcare is going through revolution in India. However, there is always a scope of great idea. Feel free to connect Regards, Raakesh Publicada el 19/06/am
June 19, 2019
Thank you Raakesh for your answer.I am trying but not able to connect you.Would like to discuss more about this idea with you. Kindly give me your email ID or ping me on mine Thank you again! Publicada el 19/06/am
June 19, 2019
this idea is fantastic,i will love to know you vision and mission so we can make it an international online me Publicada el 26/06/am
June 26, 2019
Firstly get involved with whatever national database exists for Doctors so that when someone uses your services they can deduct it from their insurance. Secondly use and excel spreadsheet to determine how many hours you (and whatever team you hire) will need to work in order to for revenue to beat costs at whatever price you would charge. Then look at your competitors and determine what they're doing. Will you be able to compete? Draw a layout of how you want your company to look internally. What kinds of policies do you want to have? If in a call center environment can one patient potentially hear another? Any potential risk of Hippa violation? What are the risks (legal and otherwise) of a misdiagnoses when the doctor is not present? is their precedent for lawsuits for that? is there an insurance that protects you and your business against that? Lots of questions need to be asked and answered Publicada el 26/06/am
June 26, 2019
Hi Kishor, You can contact me if you wold require any help in setting. regards Anand Publicada el 04/08/am
August 4, 2019
Hello KISHOR CHAVAN, The best way you can start an online doctor consultation is for you to own a blog. Get a website developer to create a beautiful and interactive blog for you then start adding content to your blog. Provide free medical tips that your readers will love, that will help you project yourself as an industry leader and some of your readers will want to get more tips from you in form of consulting then you can charge them for that as a premium service. Then learn about Digital Marketing so that you will be able to use the internet to drive traffic to your blog. These two steps are the fundamentals, if you get it right, then you are ready for a successful online career. I hope you find this helpful. My name is Ajibola Rilwan, a Chartered IT Consultant and Website Developer with over 13 years of working experience which makes me someone you can listen to and learn from when it comes to building a profitable online business. I wish you all the best! Publicada el 07/09/am
September 7, 2019
There's no bad idea. Healthcare tech is one complex area. What is your expertise in all this. In general health workers are not very tech savvy, although this is changing thankfully. They are key decision points whether to make it online via web, mobile or both, all these require different strategies. It can be profitable if you manage to get the numbers (patients willing to pay for this service and a pool of Doctors). India has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and it's affordable. I can see a market opportunity in this area, but if you don't provide enough details about your background it's very hard to provide useful feedback. In my home country Uganda, thousands of people go to India for Heart surgery, Cancer and other treatment options. This is true for several other African countries. There's also a confidentiality element about health / patient data. This is an area I can invest in if I find the right partners, and the investment would come in form of Technology (building the product) and providing capital to run the business, but like I mentioned, the key is being able to have sufficient partnerships with some of the largest hospitals in India with a good reputation. In Uganda, the current practice involves health workers (doctors) recommending patients to Hospitals in Uganda, and they get a commission. If you want to discuss further let me know. Publicada el 08/09/am
September 8, 2019
sir u had to connect to doctors for enrolling in your platform and secondly a good marketingamong people who get to know your company.we can assist for both first for line up with doctor and secondly to advertise among people . Publicada el 16/09/pm
September 16, 2019