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Question above says it all, I am looking to start a consumer electronic e-commerce store. Plan is set in place, have my distributor in mind, but I need to have my business license/tax id in order to purchase from them, but other than that, what all do I need to legally sell these brand name products on places like shopify, amazon, ebay, etc. as a "reseller" so to speak. I've looked everywhere, but no specific answer is given on what documents and licenses I will need to be able to not only purchase wholesale, but resell legally.

Brycen, First, establish your business (likely an LLC) and register with your state and the IRS. Set up a business banking account under your company name and contact the distributor to see what information and documentation they require in order to set up an account for you. Once you have that completed, then just complete the requirements on Shopify, Amazon, eBay, set your company up as an authorized reseller. Take your time and read all of the fine print. This is the short version of the process so if you get stuck, let me know and I'll give you a hand. Best of luck! Publicada el 21/07/pm
July 21, 2019