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I've only really come across a few helpful youtubers. Other than that, it's been mostly internet "marketing gurus" trying to sell me their mastermind courses. I'm really needing help because I have a client I am running ads for.

I can suggest Udemy. Regards Publicada el 08/06/pm
June 8, 2019
Attended Boost your business with facebook session today. Start reading from the link Try and test method by spending money on ad and use insights and all help from facebook pixel and facebook ad manager. Publicada el 10/06/am
June 10, 2019
Hi Lauren, Can you brief me about the Product's You have. Regards Anand Kumar Publicada el 25/08/pm
August 25, 2019
Hi Lauren Mabra, Let me share with you the fundamentals of Facebook advertising. 1) Create a Facebook profile for yourself and also a business page 2) Be interactive, comment on other people's posts, like and share their content, show some love online, by doing that, you will be noticed and your online friends will support you, patronize your products because there is intimacy in your friendship. 3) Post content regularly, create some video content and graphics content. Let most of your content be mild and not too serious about business. For instance, you publish like 3 times a day, 2 of your content should be either entertaining or funny then the third post should be strictly about your business. Those are the fundamentals of Facebook marketing if you practice that continuously, you will gain good results. My name is Ajibola Rilwan, an IT Consultant and Chartered Website Developer and I will be willing to assist you further. Cheers! Publicada el 06/09/pm
September 6, 2019
Hey Lauren, Facebook and any other ads are only learned by practice. If I would start again, I would run $1/day ads and just play/test everything. To get going go over Facebook tutorials and implement what they teach. Learn FB ads = actually create an ad and click the Publish button. About gurus. 90% don't have one single ad running so real gurus are rare. Consider Manuel Suarez and Ezra Firestone. I don't get paid to recommend them, they are just walking the talk. Publicada Hace 3 semanas
September 23, 2019
Hi Lauren, when it comes to Facebook Ads, it is best to learn straight from the horses mouth - In this case, that's Facebook. I would recommend taking the Facebook Blueprint ads course right on Facebook. I would recommend checking back every so often and stay up to date on their courses as they are refreshed from time to time as they update their algorithms, make changes to the ad platform, etc. Publicada Hace 3 semanas
September 23, 2019