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I am working on a Startup and thinking about the best name for it, the project offering online education to the refugees in their mother language and for me, I call it "Small Refugee" but in this name nothing related to what we provide I mean Education. the name should make sense in Marketing and easy to be a brand. so can you help me?

There are some options: Refugee online learn for refugee learning online still learning If I can lean on something else, I'm ready. I can help you with the logo design Publicada el 23/04/am
April 23, 2019
Dear Lama, please allow me to congratulate you on this great initiative your startup will have a positive social impact as education is key in their journey. I would love to help you anyway I can so please get in touch if you would like to exchange ideas or simply brainstorming. As for the name may I ask the following questions : 1- are you offering educational programs if yes what fields? 2- to who, meaning is it targeting children, adults, youth ? 3- are you creating an app for your startup? If yes will the educational experience how will it be presented? Is it throughout interactive games? Educational material or other methods. 4- what is your mission and vision can you provide both in one sentence? Try reflecting on these questions they will help you in finding the write name and if you’d like to share them publicly or privately through a msg I’ll be more than happy to brainstorm with you to find the right name that represents your mission and vision. I wish you all the success, your startup will provide refugees with opportunities for a better future. Best of luck Nadia Publicada el 26/04/am
April 26, 2019
Hi, nice project. Can you tell us more about it? Publicada el 29/04/am
April 29, 2019
1. Project Refuge 2. The Refugee Fund 3. Educate One Educate All Publicada el 27/08/am
August 27, 2019
Lama I commend you greatly for having the wisdom for such humanitarian initiative. Much as I could have appreciated more details on your proposal to be able to best advice on a fittable nomenclature for your project, please find below some quick runs. I. Open Learning Center for Displaced Persons. II. Institute for Refugees Advance Learning III. THE REFUGEES LIBRARY. I will be humbled to work with you on this project looking at the Humanitarian prospect. My valued Mentorship could be of great values. Do inbox on my Mentor handle for further engagements. Thank you Publicada el 31/08/am
August 31, 2019