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You start small by : 1. Giving away simple art and craft work to friends and community during events and party . 2. Aim for public school art events and Spring festivals that normally student families love to buy and encourage art and colorful crafts. 3. Take advantage from city celebration when family gather for fun activities and food, by display the works there . 4. Post art pictures and craft work in Public library ads board. Publicada el 21/03/pm
March 21, 2019
Nicely covered, thanks Sairan! Sorry, I just feel , my question missed one word "Internationally" at the end of question. At Indian level, yes, my team followed most of your said points, and at-least now people know Pay4Arts team, locally for acquiring arts & crafts related items as per their needs. As there is no International team members associated with project. So, how the promotions can be achieved for getting International attention. rgds Publicada el 22/03/am
March 22, 2019