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I've tried Freelancer and Upwork but the results are really haphazard and random and unreliable. Also, please if it's possible a suggestion on how to encourage so that more productivity is done? I have no sales to speak of at the moment and I don't have the resources to involve myself in learning how due to time constraints, so any suggestions on where to look and how I should act when hiring new people, and how to make consistent results and performance from those same people (building relationship)? Thank you (:

Hello Peter, Of course, any sales are better than no sales, and you have to start somewhere. I would not recommend Upwork or Freelancer for the reasons you mentioned. I have used offshore resources with good success, but you need to do marketing on a continuous basis; it's not a one-time event. Marketing and sales take effort, and sometimes lots of effort, especially if you are new to the space or trying to acquire new customers. Acquiring new customers takes probably 10x more effort than keeping existing customers. Remember, once you get a customer, make sure they are happy and they will come back for more and will mention your company to their friends. You also mentioned that you have time constraints. Even if you have someone else doing the work, you will still need to manage, coach, direct, oversee, motivate, and provide feedback. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts or easy answers. If you are not willing or able to invest the time, then the business is probably really not your priority. Invest your time and efforts into what you truly love and enjoy, and the rewards will come later. Best of Luck! I hope this helps. Michael Publicada el 24/01/pm
January 24, 2019
Hi Peter, Most entrepreneurs find themselves in your position but there are few techniques to help you increase your users base to create traffic to your site without spending a lot of time and resources I hope this article will help you and if you’d like to discuss things further please feel free to msg me. Nadia Publicada el 20/02/am
February 20, 2019