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I just created an LLC and am wondering if I have to advertise with "LLC" on the end of my business name on my website, business cards, etc.?(Do I have to advertise as an LLC?) Do I need to have some type of legal wording on my website somewhere saying my business is an LLC?

If you wish to operate your business without using the LLC, you can file a fictitious name filing in your state (also knows as a dba "doing business as"). This is a common and simple business practice. The process is primarily to protect consumers so they can always know who they are really doing business with, despite the business name. So, if you want to run a "Flowers by Annabelle" business under an Annabelle Botch LLC company (that's a made up scenario, of course :)), then be sure to do your fictitious name filing. Then you can have all of your advertising, business cards, websites, etc. under Flowers by Annabelle with no issue. Publicada el 03/12/am
December 3, 2018
As long as title on the Articles of Incorporation with your state and your IRS registration carry LLC as the concluding term, your advertising may omit the LLC designation. Many of my clients do so. Publicada el 05/12/pm
December 5, 2018