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Try to identify the difference between Email marketing and text message marketing and tey to find that which is best for the start up.

Kuldip, Depends on your target audience. The bottom line is whatever medium generates enough leads to sell your product is the best. If you have a short message text would work better but if you have a longer pitch email would work best. Hope this helps. Publicada el 11/11/am
November 11, 2018
Dear Kuldip, Text / SMS Marketing works best when you have short and sweet message especially when you are running some discount or promo offers with coupon codes etc. Email marketing in first step is to create awareness of your product or service and it helps potential buyers to land on your website so that you can capture leads. It is more effective with digital marketing activity combined with lead capturing mechanism with lead landing page. Publicada el 11/12/am
December 11, 2018