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Before starting my business I’m trying to figure out the tax aspects and would like to know how to file an LLC as a S Corp.

Hello Annabelle, You will go the secretary of state web site for Missouri to set up your LLC. When you receive your state registration, go the IRS web site and register there as well. When you do so, select the Subchapter S ("Disregarded Entity" in IRS parlance). With your IRS and State registrations complete as described above, you will flow through the revenue and expenses from your LLC to your personal tax return and pay no state or federal taxes as a company, with the exception of sales tax and the employer share of payroll taxes should you employee others. You may download free instructions to form an LLC in your state from the web site I maintain as an extension of my volunteer work. Go the the site "Smalltofeds" and the BOX in the right margin. In the folder "References and Useful Materials" look for the instructions on forming an LLC in Missouri. Publicada el 29/10/pm
October 29, 2018