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How To start A Business, Find A Team for my Business?

I would like in that Publicada el 10/10/am
October 10, 2018
Anyone who is serious about being part of my Future Business Email me at I tell more about it from there Publicada el 10/10/am
October 10, 2018
Start with your areas of passion or some thing that you are good at Business has got two sides 1. Marketing and Sales 2. Operations-- nothing but the product that you plan to offer to your customers (u can create it or buy it from some one else and package it and give it So start with questions 1. What am i passionate about ( in terms of delivering a product) You could be a great painter or a chef or a calligraph artist What can you deliver Without knowing the tooperations side of the business never get into a business 2. Marketing is all about identifying the wants/desires/problems/headaches and gaps in the market Narrow in one or two areas that aligns with your capabilities- focus on a particular group it can be calligraphy for elders or calligraphy for women etc etc Their problem -- Your soluiton Communicate this in an acceptable manner 3. Identify a partner it can be your friend or your siblings Identify from their strength and your problamatic area If you are not good in marketing but that person is capable of doing it then give it to them 4. After getting this partner on board next step is a prototype of the product and study the market reactons 5. tweal a bit so that the group likes your product and are willing to buy at a cost 6. that is the time to think about hiring your employees We can discuss the detailed plan later Hope that helps Mr Balaji Chartered Marketer UK Publicada el 14/11/am
November 14, 2018