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I deal on women wears an accessories but I am faced with a very strong competitor who has been in the business for a while and has gotten the heart of most customers, How can I outsmart my competitor?

When you are in a competitive field against a well-established companies, getting repeat customers and winning over customers wont happen immediatley, it will take some time. "Amazon, apple, Harley-davidson....these companies took years before they have the cliental/ and branding image they have now. But they believed in what they have. They believed they had an edge on their competitors, they had something that set them apart and thats what you need to do. Through social media, advertising, when potential customers talk to you, you need to show them why your product is better. When you believe in your product than customers will too. Just stay patient and you will have those customers soon enough. Publicada el 18/08/am
August 18, 2018
Thank you Justin All your points has been taken into consideration. Thank you Sir Publicada el 03/09/am
September 3, 2018