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Looking to save money by doing my own email blasts rather than postcard mailings or having other businesses do my email blasts. Can someone tell me a little bit more about how to do email blasts using Gmail and going off of an Excel Data sheet of thousands of contacts.

Consider using to save money and the good thing is, the emails mostly go to primary inbox instead of promotions. Hope you already did a research on sending more personalized emails. Publicada el 09/07/pm
July 9, 2018
Hello Jay, A friend of mine who has had considerable success with email marketing turned me on to Yet Another Maill Merge (YAMM) It's ridiculously cheap ($12 / year or something like that) and there's even a free version with limited features. Definitely worth taking a look at. Good luck! Michael Publicada el 24/01/pm
January 24, 2019
Thanks so much Michael! Really appreciate it! Publicada el 18/02/pm
February 18, 2019