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energy( sustainability)

That's not something that can be answered in just a few sentences. You haven't told us your market demographics, what resources you have access to or anything. Thus really how to help us help you would be to do the research and find out what you want to do and then ask a question about a specific goal to help you get to that final objective. Ex. How do I find a reliable supplier for solar panels or wind mills? Publicada el 26/05/pm
May 26, 2018
Good day sir and many thanks to you for your response. Am Basi Ledee Prince the C.E.O of Basiled energy ventures. We are under the energy sector and we offer the sales of portable solar lamps to both the high and low-income earner that alone distinguished our business from others, safety wears, maintenances/repair services and human capacity development. Our low-cost product helps to bridge the gap between the rich and poor as these products helps to also power home in its little way. Our safety wears are being used by not only for solar installation activities but covers need for every other activity. we also discourage wastage as our maintenance services covers the loops ranging from used solar/non-solar lamps to other home appliances. When it come to awareness we stand to be the number one as people need to know how to maintain what they use and use it in its best practiced method that’s what our human capacity building sector tends to do aside from the profit-making angle. We also offer the recycling of used batteries and make them useful. Our customers tend to benefit fast supplies as we have distributors at fixed areas that are accessible. Our vision at Basiled energy ventures is to create a free energy world with little or no threat to life, the environment and reliable at all times. We have a plan to reduce the discharge evolved from the use of fossil fuels such as greenhouse gases and improve the standard of living for all levels of life. Our vision goes along with a plan of creating an Energy center where all levels ranging from the old and young will be trained. This will go a long way to not only enlighten people but equip them as with basic necessary skills as it is said “what people know they use better”. From our customers we would wish for a good customer to client relationship though as a fast-growing energy company we expect complains from them which can be sorted out either by us or through our external mentors (shell mentors) see if the above can help you assist me sir. Publicada el 28/05/am
May 28, 2018
Hello Basi Make a table with all the equipment you will need, include everything. Make a field with prices (internet), Create a field (purchase) and another (Manufactured) Adding all together you will have an estimate of your initial cost Separate the monthly costs, water, electricity, employee and you will know how much you need per month. Example: Item - Buy - Manufacture - Monthly Panel - $ 10.00 Telephone - - - $ 50.00 Table- - make $0 - Total: $ 10.00 - $ 50.00 Publicada el 03/08/am
August 3, 2018