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hola Lourie, estuve leyendo y tienes que ser un poco mas especifica, me gustaria ayudarte en lo que estés pensando. Andrew Goz. Mentor & Consultor. Publicada el 29/05/pm
May 29, 2018
To put it in simple terms value proposition is what will make people want to buy your products and not other in the market? When you think of your brand what is special about it? Right them down. Who are your target client based on social and financial aspects? What is your story? Why are you doing this? What are your dreams we’re do you want to be in 5 years and what do you want people to say about you? All the above questions although they seem simple, they’ll help you in answering your question, creating a business plan and understanding your clients after that comes google analytic? If you need any help let me know by contacting me & good luck folow your passion Laurie and be authentic and genuine and you’ll find your clients Publicada el 02/06/am
June 2, 2018
One way to view the value proposition is through the values of your client. Given a target market, Value Based Marketing occurs when you become uniquely aware of what motivates specific personnel internal to a customer company, a buyer or a prospective teaming partner to make favorable decisions regarding your product or services. Consider the values of the client your are engaging and threaten or further his or her value system. To do so, find out what they value first. It may not be what you value - or what you believe they should value; but you are stuck with those values and the value system backing them up. In many cases they are political, self-serving and disappointing but you cannot ignore them. You must manage them. You must threaten or further those value systems to get your customer to act. Furthering client values is a positive view of the future, enhancing what the client already has. Threatening client values is making the client feel he or she cannot undertake the future effectively without buying from you. Value-based marketing effectively threatens or furthers your client's value system as a strategic element in your marketing program, motivating them to act in your favor. Publicada el 02/06/am
June 2, 2018
Google Analytics is a tool for conducting market research and exploring target market bases. It will not determine a value proposition for you, but may be useful in getting obtaining what your client value systems are, based on their on-line preferences. Publicada el 02/06/am
June 2, 2018
As Kenneth explained, to a certain degree, value proposition and Google analytics are 2 very different metrics. One is simply the value in which you are providing your clients, what you're doing or providing them and why they're willing to pay where as google analytics specifically measures traffic from their website to analyze how long they're spending on your webpage, bounce rate, ranking, etc to help you with conversions or identifying problems on website. How you read it is by logging into your Google dashboard or hosting account will also typically have links. How you install it is by placing google code in the header or footer of site which if you don't know how to do I can send you an IT guy. Take care! Publicada el 03/06/am
June 3, 2018