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I can start the formation of the youth group, I can recruit helpers to assign task to, I can even mentor youth, but I dread I am missing something.. for instance a location, fundraising techniques, social skills as I am so very shy and humble to where I fear asking for help from a stranger.. here I am.. is there anyone, a motivational coach a guidance counselor or business strategist for startups..I need your help. Thanks micro mentor.

Kammie, That is good you have a desire to help youth , however a dream without a plan is only a wish . You need : 1. A simple business plan that have a target goal, time frame and outcomes. 2. No need for location as you can do it all on line platform. 3. Join a specking club like toastmaster to get comfortable to talk in- front of peoples. 4. You- tube has endless list of life/business coaches advises to how to start business . 5. Listen to free audio book from the library about startup strategies. 6. Finally if you do all of these steps without action , it mean think . Plan, execute , get feedback , celebrate your business success. Aim high ...Good luck ! Publicada el 22/03/pm
March 22, 2019