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I have a Facebook Group Aging Horsewomen Intl. with 36,000 members and growing daily. I want to sell T-Shirts and other items. A group member says she can be my vendor. She is in Canada and I in Arkansas. Before I start a business I want to know how difficult legally and tax wise this would be. Thank you, Sharon Roberts

Selling goods in Canada from USA should not be difficult unless they are restricted or controlled or banned. However you need to review following factors before starting business. (1) Tax structure of Canada. Sales tax (GST/HST) in Canada is higher. If you are selling to another business who are not the consumer of goods you supply then find out tax adjustments you would need to do. ( (2) Find out import duty that could be applicable. Import duty is payable by receiver of your goods. This would impact overall cost of goods. I would recommend you to talk with UPS or FedEx. These companies have own brokers who assist in dealing with import duty and restrictions. Down the road you may improve or change the product look and quality and add more products. How do you plan to display and sell you products in future? Publicada el 02/12/am
December 2, 2018