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l want to get tea powder from tea gardens directly . how to search the source . how to get theoratical knowledge on tea business .

Start reading about the subject. Find the top 3-5 books on the subject. Interview people in the industry, people who work in the industry and learn as much as you can. There are no short-cuts but you can leverage other people's experience and knowledge to shorten the learning curve. Best of success. =) Publicada el 16/10/am
October 16, 2017
Get in touch with the suppliers and figure out some contacts who would be willing to share the knowledge. Get to know how the whole system works right now, what can you do different to capture some market ? What is it that people need ( very important to understand the gaps )! Do some basic rapid research about the tea process and make sure you know how to make out quality product from average product. Start small to know more and streamline your strengths and weaknesses. Also, do explore if you can do some work online itself. Publicada el 17/10/am
October 17, 2017