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Fashion jewellery products are generally products that can be outsourced easily , recently one of my competitor has got his hand on my designs as i do not own any copyright or so and anyone who approaches my supplier can easily get it as they need cash daily, so when i dont have much cash i generally leave my stock to them and they sell it to others for cash, how can i survive in this market with limited cash flow than my competitor. and how to copyright or patent any product

Hello Mahesh. What I see in your post is a massive opportunity for whole-selling. Rather than trying to stop what's happening why not profit from it and position yourself as a wholesaler? In today's market you can't really copyright anythign because some foreign Country will still copycat your design. It's all about speed to market. This could make sense and you already know the market so rather than protecting your resources and knowledge, share it and profit from it. Best of success. Publicada el 16/10/am
October 16, 2017
Find dissatisfied former customers find what their pain points are and build a strategy that uses those pain points. Picture a castle with its walls set high. What do you do to invade? You build tools to overcome the walls. Tools to weaken the walls and you create a culture that employees want to work at. Publicada el 26/10/pm
October 26, 2017
Find a niche market Meaning , think of Big Box Stores Globally who might be interested in selling or outsourcing your product/designs to one of their labels. Also look at the quality of your goods and stick to Big Box Chains that seem like the best fit. You May be surprised how receptive they are. Remember item sales are seasonal so they might be interested today but for a 2019 launch. Don't forget that. Good luck Mahesh! Publicada el 27/10/pm
October 27, 2017