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Is a social entrepreneurship project in which people of the community have experience and they could earn some extra money

You have to reach out to them and see what they think. Reach out to people that you think might be interested and get their honest opinion. They might also be able to recommend you to others who you can talk to. Publicada el 04/04/pm
April 4, 2017
Make sure you communicate a clear value of the project. The "why" is just as important as the "how" to get people engaged! Then communicate a clear plan for the project, allowing enough time for people to clear their schedules and plan to participate! Publicada el 05/04/pm
April 5, 2017
Hi! The sponsor(s) of the project can provide the benefit information and ultimately what their return on investment will be. This ROI information is important when determining whether or not to engage in the project. Publicada el 05/04/am
April 5, 2019