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I am aiming to be an asset based trucking company. I have already registered my name, got my DOT#, but as far as assets how many trucks is it smart to start off with and what's a logical budget for startup in this industry ?

I'm trying to find the same answers , since I'm planing to open a car hauling business with 4 trucks Did you get luck getting answers from other people ? Publicada el 31/05/pm
May 31, 2017
Marche, It will depend on many factors including type of product (products) your company will be hauling (as in Haidar's response that is a focused product and he could have a 2 car hauler, 4 car hauler, 8 car hauler and a 10 car hauler), whether or not you will handle dangerous goods, whether or not you will move cargo for import or export, whether you will be performing local trucking or long-haul (regional or national), and many other factors. Send me a note directly to discuss. Best of luck! Publicada el 19/05/am
May 19, 2018