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I am a very nice, helpful, and a somewhat intelligent person. But, somehow I manage to find myself intermingling with, what I would call, a low class of people. Motivated but lazy and don't live up to a presentable standard. These "friends" like to settle for less.

Dissolving these "friends" i think will be the least of my concerns once the ball is rolling. Finding the new, likeminded, will be the hard part. Where do I start? A good example of what class of people I am looking to assoisate my time and friendship with would be best defined as confident, always moving forward, always improving, motivated, inovative, positive mentality, successful. I know this is a certain breed of people (which I feel like I fall into), but not impossible to find. The current group is just bringing me down. It is a HUGE distraction.


Cut the old root off and plant a new seed. Environment of where you spend most of you time is where you usually attract the like minded people. 

I had to let go of my close friends in order because they were holding me back.

Hope that helped

Publicada el 21/04/pm
April 21, 2015