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Based on your experience, what are the FOUR most important characteristics of an entrepreneur that you look for in terms of investment/ partnerships/ longevity etc?

Throughout my life I've always looked for substance. Substance meaning the fuel, passion, honesty, sincerity etc that molds and validates their word. When renting a tenant. You hear " I pay my rent on time. I'm also clean. " The reality of the situation is far from that. Doors broken..crayons on the wall..stains etc. You meet an employer. They give you this amazing resume. The resume shows lists of various types of skill sets and experience etc..yes that tells us where they have been..but not who they are. You grasp a sense of who they are by their energy. The resume could be gold..but the employee could be the LAZIEST person on the planet..insuboordinate..rude..etc. When your time, money, knowledge...etc this huge risk is on the table. What is it that truly makes you go for it? Is it their handshake? Eye contact? Their prompt responses, their overall business plan, what are the most important..crucial factors that determine whether you invest/ mentor or not? I know everyone has a different answer. I am just curious to hear some of yours!

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