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Is there a "right" time of year to change from Sole Proprietor to an LLC?

I've been operating as a sole proprietor and using Schedule C for quite some time now, but am trying to do things more "correctly" and grow my business even it will still just be solely me. As I get my ducks in a row to convert to an LLC, I've been doing research on this but still a bit unclear on some things.

-Is it detrimental to change to an LLC in the middle of the year? -If it's still just me, can I just keep the LLC as my name and retain my existing EIN (I think yes)? -If I change the name from my name to a business name, do I then need a DBA and a new EIN? -Would the above result in filing taxes twice, once as a Sole Prop and once as my new LLC?

Thanks in advance!

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For business operations planning and tax purposes, most of my clients who plan the conversion you are considering to become effective at the start of a new tax year, assuming you are going to continue your Subchapter "S" status and flow through the revenue and expenses to your personal tax return to avoid paying taxes as an LLC.

Here is a quote from the SOS web site for Oregon on your other issues: "Information to Consider When Cha​nging Your Business Type Change an A​ssumed Business Name Into a Business Entity - Corporation, LLC, Etc. If you are registered with an assumed business name but want to be filed as a corporation or LLC, you must cancel your assumed business name registration (PDF) and at the same time file your formation document, either articles of incorporation​ (PDF)​ or organization (PDF). We will waive the fee t​o cancel the ABN, if you send both documents in together and the name of the ABN is the same name that is being used for the new business entity. If you would like to keep your assumed business name, you may amend it making the registrant/owner the new business entity that you are filing. This will allow use of the business name with or without the entity identifier (Inc., LLC etc.). Catch the PDF links here: * *

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