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My full assessment

Set up and Planning

  • Created a business plan
  • Performed a competitive analysis
  • Assessed the value of the market
  • Interviewed potential customers
  • Tried to sell to customers
  • Confident
  • Confident

Market Research

  • Confident
  • Very Confident
  • Confident
  • Confident
  • Very Confident


  • Neutral
  • Confident
  • Confident
  • Confident


  • Confident
  • Very Confident
  • Confident


  • Not confident
  • Confident
  • Confident
  • Neutral
  • Confident
  • Neutral
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Maurice Davis, M.B.A CBC POPM SSM Verizon Digital Ready Entrepreneur Mentor

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States of America
Mentor Industry
Venture Industry
Digital Marketing/E-Commerce/Social Media
Languages spoken
  • English
Recent Activity

What I need help with

My background as an entrepreneur

My current challenges

I am looking to select an industry to focus on. Currently I have worked with over 300 businesses in different areas and while I enjoy the Varity I find that it makes it challenging to be known in my space.

Actions I’ve taken so far

I have started the process of narrowing down the possible niches and doing research on the customer types and the problems they face. some of this research includes 3rd party data but we are focusing on first party data(customer surveys and interviews.)

My future goals

My goal is to have a niche selected in the next 6 months and focus my efforts on gaining market share on that type of customer .

My motivations to work with a mentor

I would like to create more effective systems in my business.

About my venture

Marketing Growth Strategy Started 2022

I am a digital marketing company that focuses on creating marketing plans for small businesses.

Countries of operation: United States of America

How I can help

My professional background

I have a masters degree in marketing with several marketing certification. I have worked with over 300 business across different industries.

How to work with me

What I can offer

As a coach/mentor I am to the point. We focus on building the foundation so that small businesses owners have the tools they need to find the customers they are looking for.

My expectations for a successful mentoring relationship

The person I am working with has to put in the same level of effort that I am putting. if I feel like i want to help you more than you want to work I will remove myself from the relationship. No hard feeling I would just rather put my energy somewhere else.

How entrepreneurs can prepare before we start

I just need you to come to me with an open mind. I think about marketing a little different than some people so you have to be willing to be a little uncomfortable.