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My full assessment

Set up and Planning

  • Assessed the value of the market
  • Tried to sell to customers
  • Confident
  • Not confident

Market Research

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  • Confident
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  • Not at all confident


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  • Confident
  • Confident


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Noodzakelijk Online Entrepreneur

Venture Industry
Nonprofit/Social Enterprise
Languages spoken
  • English
Recent Activity

What I need help with

My background as an entrepreneur

My current challenges

A combination of factors that come down to:

  • Human Resources (Attracting co-founders and team members, role and responsibilities, getting the team stuff done, building a handbook)

  • Finances (Building frameworks & Infrastructure, finding and implementing safety checks, creating clear forecasts, bookkeeping)

  • Sales (Getting the first paying customers, getting subsidies, building capital)

  • Operations (Building intranet, processes & procedures, process & create documents or archiving them, audits)

  • Customer service (Building infrastructure, man the posts)

  • Management (The founder being able to let management run day-to-day tasks)

  • Marketing (Branding, Story-telling, acquiring potential leads, positive PR)

In addition, the founder also has some personal struggles namely: - Autism (Fast mental fatigue, steps-blindness, quick executive fatigue) - Migraines (Forces to sleep, does not allow him to be consistent in output) - Unresponsiveness & empty promises from third parties (He can't deal well with that)

How he deals with these personal issues are: - Trying to arrange lifecourse guidance so that to the outside world Robert always seems to be 'on', available, and approachable (even if he is not, the life course guide would be taking notes on his behalf)

  • Trying to build a team that can work in day-to-day operations so his involvement is not required for the continuation of NO

  • Surround himself with mentors on a variety of topics ensuring best practices and a wealth of experiences to make sure what he does is done right from the get-go.

Actions I’ve taken so far

  1. Building the website to bring structure in all that NO entails:
  2. Writing executive summaries (together with a freelancer) which later are being expanded into business plans
  3. Being active at various platforms to find co-founders or teams such as cofounderslab, AngelList, FoundersNation
  4. Finding multiple (long-term) coaches and surround me with them and their invaluable advice.

My future goals

For NO:

  1. Becomes profitable to support all business operations as well as ensure an income to the founder of 2500 euros net per month.
  2. Operations runs smoothly and do not need the founder's involvement
  3. The branch NOF helps on average around 100 people with autism a year successfully.

For the Founder:

  1. Setting up other (3) companies to supplement his passive income
  2. Become an established music producer
  3. Be able to communicate in Spanish & Mandarin on top of English and Dutch
  4. Surround himself with a small household team to take care of his personal day-to-day tasks
  5. Start a family and become a father of (hopefully) 3-4 kids in total.
  6. Live in an Earthship

All founder goals can be found in his Miro board. Upon request available.

My motivations to work with a mentor

The short answer:

Without them, NO will never see the day-light.

The long answer:

Because I am so out of the box it's rare for me to fit in standardized solutions available online. Articles that are so overly generalized that I cannot apply them. And on the other side overwhelming information from databanks that I have no idea where to start. Mentors help me both bring structure, clarity, and the translation of how to make it applicable in my own endeavors.

In short, the mentors help me through. Not from A to B but from A to Z! I like to do things right so I need to go to those that have 'been there and done that' and mentors are exactly that.

About my venture

Noodzakelijk Online

Noodzakelijk Online (NO) is a multi-layer social enterprise with the intent to showcase 'autistic lives can be successful' through lifecourse-guidance. What we sell is the idea of a new 'aid-philosophy'

The website;

What's so unique about NO? The founder himself has autism and already struggles for more than 20 years with his autism being restricted in his potential. This restriction is common in the lion share of people with autism and can be unlocked through lifecourse-guidance. Though the funder got an early taste of it, in society this is still quite experimental and not as heavily applied as the founder would think is necessary.

To prove that lifecourse-guidance works, or even better, yields exceptional results, is what NO is after. We believe in a world that despite having autism, the potential inside of those can be unlocked so they become successful. And it is all testfired on the founder himself first. The success of NO is reflected in the success of the founder.

Countries of operation: Netherlands